Alan Morelli

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Alan Morelli appears in Swim To Africa, a documentary film about a crossing of the Strait of Gibraltar
Alan Morelli

Alan Morelli is a highly successful business executive, an open water swimming visionary, founder of the Distance Swim Challenge and Chief Executive Officer of OptimisCorp. He is the visionary executive behind OptimisSport that develops and markets evidence-based wellness, prevention & performance programs.


Morelli received his JD in Law & Business from Georgetown University and his BS in Sciences and Economics from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey-New Brunswick. He was a athlete (wrestling) and scholar (honor society) in his college years.

Endurance Sports

Morelli founded the innovative Distance Swim Challenge, a multi-sport event in Santa Monica, California. He is also a triathlete and has pushed himself in numerous endurance events from marathon runs to cycling centuries. He has also inspired numerous beginner and high-level achievers in the sport of swimming, running, cycling and triathlons including Marcellus Wiley.

Swim To Africa Trailer

Alan Morelli appears in Swim To Africa, a documentary film produced by Skyscraper Productions with Ky Hurst and Brendan Capell


Optimissport continuum-small.jpg

Morelli has nurtured OptimisSport to its current position of leadership in the physical therapist industry.

OptimisSport is comprised of world-renowned experts in sports performance, including physical therapists, physicians, exercise physiologists, sports psychologists and registered sports dieticians dedicated to the science of movement and function.

OptimisSport provides physical therapists with a turnkey tool for delivering services that go beyond traditional physical therapy extending into prevention, performance and wellness programs. The programs utilize evidence-based guidelines and are customized for each client's body and lifestyle, ensuring that clients are receiving a premium level of quality care.

OptimisSport has developed the innovative Continuum of Care (shown on right).


Morelli envisioned and guides OptimisCorp to its current position of leadership in the health industry. OptimisCorp is a company staffed with renowned experts in the medical field including physicians, physical therapists, psychologists and registered dieticians dedicated to the science of health, movement and function. OptimisCorp works to improve the consistency and quality of care delivered by health care professionals by providing them with groundbreaking software programs. These programs allow physical therapists to access evidence-based and clinically proven tools to provide higher quality care for rehab, injury prevention, performance enhancement, weight management, and overall wellness programs. The company is comprised of four highly synergistic divisions: software services, clinical services, billing and compliance consulting, and branded events.

Groups and Associations

Executive Athletes, IronMan Triathlon Finishers, Nutrition Formulators Inc., Triathlete and USA Triathlon

Honors and Awards

Scholar Athlete Award and G.L. Scholar Honors

Morelli In The Pacific Ocean

Alan Morelli and John Brenkus of ESPN SportScience swim in Manhattan Beach, California.

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