Brendan Capell

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Brendan Capell is a member of the Australian Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Class of 2020
Brendan Capell appears in Swim To Africa, a documentary film about a crossing of the Strait of Gibraltar together with Ky Hurst, Alan Morelli, Kevin Owens, Jorge Balbas, and Amy Aukstralnis
Brendan Capell, 2004 25K World Champion

Brendan Capell was born on 26 September 1984 in Brisbane, Australia and was one of the world's best open water swimmers at his peak. He is coach of the Beyond the Black Line Swim Squad.

Open Water Swimming Career Highlights


Capell has been instrumental in helping develop the Distance Swim Challenge in Santa Monica, California, U.S.A. Here is a look behind behind-the-scenes:

Swim To Africa Trailer

Produced by Skyscraper Productions with Brendan Capell, Ky Hurst, Alan Morelli, Kevin Owens, Jorge Balbas, and Amy Aukstralnis.

Beyond The Black Line

Beyond the Black Line is a pool and open water swimming training squad residing at Brisbane’s historic Valley Pool and invites swimmers of all abilities in Australia.

Jarak-Šabac Marathon Swim

Capell won the 2008 Jarak-Šabac Marathon Swim in Serbia, a professional 19 km marathon swimming competition held in the Sava River in Šabac, Serbia. Its overall winners include the following athletes:

1970 Milorad Rajšić, Yugoslavia
1971 Ate Sikes Franc, Netherlands
1972 Milorad Rajšić, Yugoslavia
1973 Milorad Rajšić, Yugoslavia
1974 Milorad Rajšić, Yugoslavia
1975 Milorad Rajšić, Yugoslavia
1976 Milorad Rajšić, Yugoslavia
1977 Milorad Rajšić, Yugoslavia
1978 Vojislav Mijić, Yugoslavia
1979 Milorad Rajšić, Yugoslavia
1980 Milorad Rajšić, Yugoslavia
1981 Marino Šoljan, Yugoslavia
1982 Marino Šoljan, Yugoslavia
1983 Bojan Jan, Yugoslavia
1984 Mohamed Aly Jassen, Egypt
1985 Zolt Horvat, Hungary
1986 Dariusz Tasarek, Poland
1987 Mihalj Novkovic, Yugoslavia
1988 Premislav Abramovicz, Poland
1989 Nace Majcen, Yugoslavia
1990 Nace Majcen, Yugoslavia
1991 Vojislav Mijić, Yugoslavia
1992 Milorad Rajšić, Yugoslavia
1993 Vojislav Mijić, Yugoslavia
1994 Vojislav Mijić, Yugoslavia
1995 Zoltan Pavić, Yugoslavia
1996 Tomi Stefanovski, Makedonia
1997 Nace Majcen, Slovenia
1998 Miodrag Vasić, Yugoslavia
1999 Tomi Stefanovski, Makedonia
2000 Miodrag Vasić, Yugoslavia
2001 Miodrag Vasić, Yugoslavia
2002 Nace Majcen, Slovenia
2003 Evgenij Bezručenko, Russia
2004 Gabrijel Chaillou, Argentina
2005 Petar Stoychev, Bulgaria
2006 Anton Sanachev, Russia
2007 Petar Stoychev, Bulgaria
2008 Brendan Capell, Australia
2009 Rok Kerin, Slovenia
2010 Rok Kerin, Slovenia
2011 Guillermo Bertola, Argentina
2012 Ivan Afanevich, Russia
2013 Marin Milan, Croatia
2014 Brian Ryckeman, Belgium

Australian Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Class of 2020 Honourees

He is a member of the inaugural class of Australian Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame honourees who were inducted on August 2020.

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