At the Interface

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At the Interface, a podcast by Shannon House Keegan

At the Interface is a podcast by Shannon House Keegan, creator of Intrepid Water and host of Marathon Swim Stories.


At the interface of air and water, the terrestrial being has to overcome human instincts. Relearn how to breathe. And find their way in an unstable medium, 800 times denser than air. Born from water, some go on to complete amazing feats. Others do not have the privilege or access to develop and hone the lifesaving skill of swimming.


The podcast is an invitation to both non-swimmers and swimmers to better understand what happens in their bodies and brains when they operate at the interface.

As water-based beings on a water-based planet, where humans can’t breathe under it, but they can’t survive without it, we can all benefit from a better understanding what happens physiologically, psychologically, emotionally, and physically when we swim.


1: Exploring Blue Mind with Dr. Wallace J. Nichols

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