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Lucy Wood's Blonde In Deep Water about Brenda Fischer who swam under the auspices of the Channel Swimming Association

noun - The Channel Swimming Association (CSA) is one of the two governing bodies of the English Channel. The CSA was founded to authenticate swimmers claims to have swum the English Channel, and to verify crossing times. Since its formation in 1927, the CSA has been entrusted with the task of observing and authenticating all Cross-Channel Swims in the Strait of Dover. CSA also assists and advises swimmers who intend to make an English Channel attempt. It regulates the conduct of such attempts and aims to further the sport of channel swimming and was recognized by the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame as an Honour Organisation.

Accreditation is accorded only to those channel swimmers registered with the Association and whose attempts have been observed by Association Officials who agree to be bound by the rules of the Association and who are escorted by Pilots registered with the Association using vessels registered with the Association.

Such registration is subject to careful scrutiny and is conditional on remaining in compliance with the Association's Rules and Guidelines to Pilots. These are regularly updated (taking on board suggestions and advice from HMCG and the French Maritime Authorities) and are accepted by responsible swimmers and Pilots as entirely appropriate to the safe conduct of the Sport.

In 1999, the CSA was instructed by its members to undertake a thorough review and overhaul of its constitution and rules. In accord with legal advice and consistent with the members' contributions, a new constitution was proposed and put to the entire membership for a paper ballot. The result, by an overwhelming and 'absolute' majority led to the formation of, and transfer of assets to, `Channel Swimming Association Ltd.' a Company limited by guarantee and, to ensure that no financial benefit could accrue to any individual seeking commercial gain, devoid of shareholders.

The Channel Swimming Association has influenced many open water swimming governing bodies and associations around the world over the course of several decades. From the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation and the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association to the Tsugaru Channel Swimming Association and the Menorca Channel Swimming Association, its influences, rules, procedures and protocols are influential and replicated.

Channel Swimming Association Awards

The Channel Swimming Association gives out the following awards at the end of its swimming season:

CSA Handbook

The Channel Swimming Association annually publishes the CSA Handbook, a 200+ page book of information, data, records and history of English Channel swimming.

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