Dead Sea Swim

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Protective mask required to use in the Dead Sea Swim

The Dead Sea Swim is a 17.5 km marathon swim organized by South African Evan Feldman of Madswimmer and Oded Rahav the Cyprus Israel Relay Team across the Dead Sea. The group tandem swim on 15 November 2016 took 7 hours 9 minutes.


To raise awareness about the importance of saving nature by enhancing preservation and protection activities and raising awareness about the degeneration and depletion of the Dead Sea.


To swim across the Dead Sea with local and foreign swimmers in one of the saltiest open bodies of water on Earth and the lowest place on Earth.

The starting point in Jordan was 31°41'.6 N 35°55'. E and the landing point in Israel was 31°45' N 35°40' E.  The course was in the Mujib delta river, Jordan to Ein Gedi, Israel in 26-27°C water with 6 rib boats + 1 large metal boat (for medics and other logistics), 4 doctors, 2 paramedics, 1 rescue unit (and numerous volunteers on boats and on shore). 


A special protective mask was required.

Participants of the Dead Sea Swim

Participating open water swimmers in the 16 km group tandem swim called the Dead Sea Swim between Jordan and Israel across the Dead Sea on 15 November 2016 that took 7 hours 9 minutes included

Boat team
1. Dov Litvinoff
2. Johny Osrin
3. Charl Rorich (photographer)
4. Marilet Brink
5. Lucy Tully
6. Kamini Moodley
7. Nicolene Steynberg
8. Nimrod Erez
9. Uri Brown
10. Ronen Lazar
11. Yoav Paz
12. Shabtai Almozlinos
13. Harel Ben Nun
14. Yonatan Tzachar
15. Lozon Mor
16. Tal Saliman
17. Topaz Shashkis
18. Ilan Basik Tashtash
19. Ian Barzelay
20. Evyatar Mordechai Mor Morado
21. Tal Eytan
22. Dr. Yossef Azoulay
23. Mira Edelstein


  • Gidon Bromberg
  • Uri Ginot
  • Shacaf Homri
  • Dr. Yoav Paz
  • Dr. Daniel King
  • Erin Falah
  • Alon Shachal

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