Gavin Pike

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Gavin Pike is an experienced extreme open water swimmer and a certified Ice Zero Swimmer from South Africa

Ice Swimming Career

  • He completed an ice swim, 1.4 km in the 2°C waters of Loch Faskally, known as the gateway to the Scottish Highlands with Ram Barkai. Pike swam 45 minutes without a wetsuit or neoprene swim cap in air temperature of -2°C.
  • He completed an ice mile in March 2014 in Paradaise Bay, Antarctica in 0.50°C water and 1°C air in 25:56 to become an Ice Zero Swimmer.

Antarctic Circle Ice Challenge

Pike is a member of the unprecedented ice swim by six South African ice swimmers south of the Antarctic Circle at 66.5622° South: Toks Viviers, Andrew Chin, Ryan Stramrood, Kieron Palframan, and Ram Barkai. Ryan Stramrood, Ram Barkai and Kieron Palframan attempted an Ice mile in Neko Harbour in Antarctica. Andrew Chin did a 1 km swim while Toks Viviers and Pike completed an ice mile in Paradise Harbour in Antarctica in -1ºC (40.2ºF) water in March 2014 amid orcas, icebergs, and leopard seals.

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