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noun - A handler is an individual who psychologically, emotionally, logistically, and/or physiologically help, train, aid, educate, motivate, organize, strategize, and/or support open water swimmers, triathlete, or other endurance athletes in their training sessions and/or competitions either in the pool, open bodies of water, or in land-based activities. An open water swimming trainer can also feed, navigate, paddle, kayak, treat (i.e., provide first aid), and/or escort an open water swimmer in their open water swimming training sessions, open water swimming competitions, solo swim, or relays.


The trainer was responsible for navigation and feeding on the marathon swim.


trainer, coach, assistant


Middle English coche, from Middle French, from German Kutsche, from Hungarian kocsi (szekér), literally, wagon from Kocs, Hungary First Known Use: 1556

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