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Mervyn Sharp in 1982 with Philip Gollop who was the youngest at that time to cross the English Channel with his 13 hour 45 minute crossing in 1965, Jacqui Hampson who, with a time of 15 hours 32 minutes in 1982 became the youngest person to have swum across the English Channel, Greg Schofield, and Godfrey Chapman whose 13 hour 2 minute crossing made him the first Englishman to complete the Daily Mail race of 1951

Mervyn Sharp is a British open water swimmer who was inducted in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame as an Honour Swimmer in the Class of 2006. He was the King of the Channel® from 1974-1975 who crossed the English Channel a total of 7 times.

King of the Channel®

The King of the Channel® is a title is bestowed on the man who has successfully completed more swims of the English Channel than any other. The title as well the accompanied Letona Trophy is awarded by the Channel Swimming Association. Its female equivalent is the Queen of the Channel®.

List of Kings of the Channel®

King of the Channel® - Letona Trophy Number of Crossings Years Held Title
Captain Matthew Webb 1 1875-1934
Edward Temme 2 1934-1951
William Barnie 3 1951-1960
Brojen Das 4-6 1960-1974
Melvyn Sharp 7 1974-1975
Des Renford 8-16 1975-1979
Michael Read 17-18 1979-1980
Des Renford 19 1980
Michael Read 20-31 1980-2000
Kevin Murphy 32 2000-2004
Michael Read 33 2004-2006
Kevin Murphy 34 2006-

Marathon Swimming Career

1975 24 Heures La Tuque Results

1. Johan Schans (Holland, 90 laps) and Horacio Iglesias (Argentina, 89 laps)
2. Jon Erikson (USA, 90 laps) and Raul Villagomez (Argentina, 82 laps)
3. Marwan Shedid (Egypt, 86 laps) and Jan Van Scheyndel (Holland, 84 laps)
4. Dennis Matuch (USA, 83 laps) and Diana Nyad (USA, 83 laps)
5. Carlos Aguirre (Argentina, 82 laps) and Marcello Guiscardo (Argentina, 81 laps)
6. Yvon Monpetit (Canada, 82 laps) and Yves Lavoie (Canada, 77 laps)
7. Mohammed Gamie (Egypt, 78 laps) and Tabii El Enen (Egypt, 77 laps)
8. Mahmoud Khamis (Syria, 82 laps) and Said Masri (Syria, 69 laps)
9. Angel Bernatene (Argentina, 75 laps) and Philip Gollop (England, 72 laps)
10. Sultan Kigab (Sudan, 72 laps) and Naste Jonceski (Yugoslavia, 66 laps)
11. Edward Bennett (Canada, 76 laps) and Hassan Abdeen (Canada, 60 laps)
12. Samia Mandour (Egypt, 68 laps) and Fausto Ramirez (Mexico, 63 laps)
13. Mervyn Sharp (England, 71 laps) and Thomas Hetzel (USA, 56 laps)
14. Michel Poirier (Canada, 66 laps) and Daniel Boyle (Canada, 59 laps)

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