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Niko Kluyver, open water swimmer, water polo player, triathlete and entrepreneur

Niko Kluyver (born 27 February 1964) is a marathon swimmer from Curaçao who completed an unprecedented 26.1 km Curaçao Channel Crossing from Klein Curaçao to Santa Barbara Beach on Curaçao together with André Nottelman and observed by Gladwin De Lanoi in September 2014.

Swimming Career

Kluyver moved to Suriname at the age of 3 where he grew up and started swimming. The two oldest still existing national records in Suriname are held by Pauline Nesty, the older sister of Olympic champion Anthony Nesty, and Kluyver. He also still holds the 400m freestyle records, dating from 1981. He was an All-American high school competitive swimmer at Everett Washington High School in the 100 freestyle and remains on the record list for the 100, 200, 500 freestyle and 100 backstroke at the South Snohomish County Dolphins in Seattle, Washington. He later swam and played water polo at the University of Washington.

He still plays water polo and does triathlons with Team Endurance Curacao including an Ironman triathlon in Louisville 2013 as well as 10 km marathon swims in Suriname.

2014 World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year Nomination

The Curaçao Channel Crossing is nominated for the 2014 World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year.

"In a part of the world when open water swimming is common, but channel swimming is not, Niko Kluyver, André Nottelman and Erwin Ruijsink all accomplished the unprecedented. The three men planned a crossing between Curaçao and Klein Curaçao and had to find officials, boatmen and support crew in a country where none existed before. The men researched and recruited, planned and prepared, for the longest and most dangerous swims of their lives. But weather pushed their windows back and a tropical disease halted Ruijsink’s attempt. The trio hung together and kept training and waiting for a break in the weather. For their enthusiasm in pioneering a swim in unchartered territory, for their collective passion that generated local interest in the sport, for their courageous crossing of the Curaçao Channel, the channel swim of Niko Kluyver, André Nottelman and Erwin Ruijsink is a worthy nominee for the 2014 World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year."

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2014 World Open Water Swimming Performance of the Year Nominees

1. Beyond Avalon by Dan Henry, Dave Speier, William Miller, Steve Miller, Lee Grove, Dana Selles, Mark Zambon, Penny Nagel, Chris Gibson, Jon Rodley, Jonathan Hands, Nick Jeffery, Terry Hirt (U.S.A.)
2. Curaçao Channel Crossing by Niko Kluyver, André Nottelman, Erwin Ruijsink (Curaçao)
3. Cyprus Israel Swim by Udi Erell, Doron Amosi, Ben Enosh, Ori Sela, Oded Rahav, Luc Chetboun (Israel)
4. Diomede Islands Swim by Alexandr Brylin and Grigorii Prokopchuk (Russia)
5. English Channel Crossing by Cyril Baldock (Australia)
6. Great Lake Adventure by Vicki Keith, Abi Tripp, Nick Streicher, Michelle Sempowski, Natasha Dobson, Harley Bolton, Natalie Lambert, Jenna Lambert (Canada)
7. International Winter Swimming Festival Argentina by Matías Ola (Argentina)
8. Lake Ontario Crossing by Trinity Arsenault (Canada)
9. Madagascar Swim by Thane Guy Williams and Jonno Proudfoot (South Africa)
10. Manhattan Island Marathon Swim by Kristian Rutford (U.S.A.)
11. Mallorca 360° Circumnavigation Swim by Richard Krugel (South Africa)
12. Monterey Bay Crossing by Patti Bauernfeind (U.S.A.)
13. Prison Island Swims by Jacques Tuset (France)
14. Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming by Charlotte Samuels (U.S.A.)
15. U.S. Lifeguarding Champions by Monmouth County Lifeguards (U.S.A.)

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