2015 World's 50 Most Adventurous Open Water Women

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The 2015 World's 50 Most Adventurous Open Water Women is a list of audacious women who have performed courageously well in open bodies of water, published by the World Open Water Swimming Association.


The list includes contemporary aquatic adventurers as well as women who are close to retirement or past their prime (e.g., Greta Andersen). The list does not include women who no longer around (e.g., Gertrude Ederle), but it focuses on women who have done unprecedented open water swims of note or a significant number of risk-inherent channel, lake or marathon swims, women who have proven themselves in both high-level competitions and solo swims, and women who have safely escorted and coached many channel or marathon swimmers of all abilities in rough waters, with emphasis on women who have repeatedly swum in waters that are colder, rougher and longer than the English Channel.

2015 List

The women in the 2015 World's 50 Most Adventurous Open Water Women list are presented alphabetically by last name.

1. Greta Andersen, channel/marathon/professional swimmer from Denmark/USA
2. Nadia Ben Bahtane, open water swimmer from Morocco
3. Patti Bauernfeind, marathon/channel/relay swimmer from California, USA
4. Julie Bradshaw, marathon/channel/butterfly swimmer from England
5. Carina Bruwer, marathon/channel/charity event swimmer from South Africa
6. Charlotte Brynn, marathon/channel/ice swimmer and coach from New Zealand
7. Annaleise Carr, marathon/charity event swimmer from Canada
8. Kimberley Chambers, Oceans Seven swimmer from New Zealand
9. Cindy Cleveland, channel/circumnavigation swimmer from California, USA
10. Jackie Cobell, channel/ice swimmer from England
11. Lorna Cochran, open water swimmer from South Africa
12. Lynne Cox, channel/marathon swimmer and ice swimming inspiration from California, USA
13. Melissa Cunningham, channel/marathon/professional swimmer and coach from Australia
14. Pamela Dickson, marathon/channel swimmer from New Zealand
15. Natalie du Toit, Olympic/marathon swimmer from South Africa
16. Michelle Evans-Chase, Ph.D., ocean swimmer and neuropsychosocial researcher from New Jersey, USA
17. Nataliya Fatyanova, M.D., cold water researcher and doctor from Russia
18. Jennifer Figge, extreme swimmer from Colorado, USA
19. Elizabeth Fry, marathon/channel swimmer and charity event organizer from Connecticut, USA
20. Pat Gallant-Charette, channel/marathon swimmer and charity event organizer from Maine, USA
21. Karen Gaffney, marathon swimmer with Down syndrome from Oregon, USA
22. Elaine Howley, marathon/charity/ice swimmer from Massachusetts, USA
23. Vicki Keith C.M., O. Ont., LLD, ChPC, marathon/channel/butterfly/charity event swimmer and coach from Canada
24. Dee Llewellyn, marathon/channel/extreme relay swimmer from England
25. Liane Llewellyn, marathon/channel/extreme relay swimmer from England
26. Marcy MacDonald, DPM, marathon/channel swimmer from Connecticut, USA
27. Michelle Macy, Oceans Seven swimmer from Oregon, USA
28. Colleen Mallon, channel/marathon swimmer from Ireland
29. Susie Maroney, channel/marathon/extreme swimmer from Australia
30. Selina Moreno Pasagali, marathon/channel/extreme swimmer from Spain
31. Yuko Matsuzaki, marathon/extreme/professional swimmer from Japan
32. Chloë McCardel, marathon/channel swimmer and coach from Australia
33. Sally Minty-Gravett, marathon/channel swimmer and coach from Jersey
34. Nuala Moore, marathon/ice swimmer from Ireland
35. Tina Neill, marathon/channel/backstroker/extreme relay swimmer from California, USA
36. Anna-Carin Nordin, Oceans Seven swimmer from Sweden
37. Diana Nyad, marathon/professional/extreme swimmer from California, USA
38. Sue Oldham, ocean/channel swimmer from Australia
39. Penny Palfrey, channel/marathon/extreme swimmer from Australia
40. Charlotte Samuels, marathon/channel swimmer from New York, USA
41. Bhakti Sharma, marathon/ice swimmer from India
42. Susan Simmons, marathon swimmer with Multiple Sclerosis from Canada
43. Alison Streeter MBE, Queen of the Channel from England
44. Freda Streeter, marathon/channel swimming coach from England
45. Shelley Taylor-Smith, marathon/channel/professional swimmer and coach from Australia
46. Sarah Thomas, marathon swimmer from Colorado, USA
47. Wendy Trehiou, marathon/channel/circumnavigation swimmer from Jersey
48. Grace van der Byl, channel/marathon/extreme relay swimmer from California, USA
49. Irene van der Laan, marathon/channel swimmer from the Netherlands
50. Anne Marie Ward, marathon/channel/ice swimmer from Ireland


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