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Kelley Prebil checking out the race course in Malibu
Kelley Prebil in San Francisco Bay
Kelley Prebil getting ready to jump near the San Francisco Giants stadium

Kelley Prebil is an American open water swimmer and channel swim observer. She is a member the South End Rowing Club, Oak Streakers of Laguna Beach and competes for the San Mateo Masters. She was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and started swimming at the age of 2. She competed on her high school swim team as a backstroke sprinter. She returned to swimming seriously in 2012 after having her pelvis surgically broken twice to correct her hip dysplasia. Shortly afterwards, she discovered that she's better at long distance than sprinting and started open water swimming.

Five Bridges Swim


She primarily trains in the San Francisco Bay with the South End Rowing Club and Team Nadadores Locos in San Francisco and a lifetime member of the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association. She is also an official observer for the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation.

Channel Swimming

SBCSA Lifetime Members

The following individuals are lifetime members of the Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association:

Marathon Swim Stories

She appeared with Shannon House Keegan on Marathon Swim Stories.

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